Musings on life, the universe and an elephant named Flobo

pexels-photo-101708If you are reading this, you have stumbled into my domain and I must begin by apologising. If you continue, you will no doubt come across items that will confuse you, perhaps bore you (I cannot know your tastes, I haven’t met you) and possibly even surprise. I do not apologise for this, the apology is because I simply do not care if I offend. Not because, I am an impolite person but due to the simple fact that it is impossible to go through life without creating offense, no matter how unintentionally. Life cannot be lived in fear and constant self-editing. If you wish to comment on my posts or contact me, feel free to do so and I shall respond from the anonymity of the shadows. And I will cherish the interactions. You may, from reading this, begin to think you know me. Whether you do or not, will remain unseen.

I start this blog with the simple goal of cataloging some of the many thoughts and feelings that flit across the surface of my mind. At times they are funny, sometimes dark.

Just like with all things, an energy exists that allows everything that is in existence or ever will be to grow, expand, shrink and change. An every moving dance of evolution and confusion that makes each of us what we are. I don’t know how things will end up, all I know is that it is generally accepted that things have a beginning. This in the most humblest of sense, is my beginning.



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