Musings on life, the universe and an elephant named Flobo

pexels-photo-208189Playground sounds leaves me weak

With a jealous heart I hear them speak.

Judged I feel, I’m not complete

A child’s love is what I seek

Little fingers, tiny toes

The little things I will never know.

Fire trucks and teddy bears

The night he kicked me down the stairs.

Robbed I was, my body betrayed

My purpose lost, an innocent slain.

No fairy tales and nursery games

Little boy blue, asleep in your grave.

I stand at the school gates

And watch your friends

Even if it is only pretend.

If my boy had grown, 6 he’d be

1st day of school, the novelty

A kiss good bye, a little tear

And off he’d go, his first year

All of this is now a dream

Robbed I was

of what should’ve been.


Written for myself and others who know how it feels to have your babies taken from you.

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