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I love language, and reading old tomes to find myself stumbling across unknown words that roll off the tongue and into the heart. Sometimes, I am correct in my understanding of these new (old) words and other times, I am delightfully wrong and get a good giggle when I look them up.

The following words should be brought back into common usage and I will not rest until at least some of them have been restored to their rightful place within our everyday vernacular.

Quagswagging (noun) – The act of shaking to and fro. As a verb, quagswag (kwagswag). Sounds like a delightful work thought up by that genius of an author Roald Dahl (my favourite author so I may be slightly biased. But just imagine it, “Stop quagswagging around you drunk git!” Delightful.

Freck (verb) – To move swiftly or nimbly.

Jollux (noun) – used in the late 18th century to describe a “fat”person. Slang. Sounds a lot nicer than fatty, whale, chunky monkey, roly poly, butterball or blimp.

Fopdoodle (noun) – someone of little significance

Zounderkite (noun) – Victorian word for idiot.


Not to mention the wonderfully old-fashioned:

  • betwixt – between
  • anon – immediately, at once.
  • mayhap – perhaps
  • methinks – I think, I believe
  • sooth – truth, reality
  • wellaway – alas, expression of sorrow
  • wist – to know


To finish this list, I wish to give thanks to those who have not let some of my favourite words fall into disfavour.

Pandemonium – I always picture some fluffy pandas running a muck when I think of this word.

Zeitgeist – The spirit of an era. A wonderful word that is good to drop at parties.

Troglodyte – cave dweller. I remember getting into a lot of trouble when I was about 10 for calling my older sister a Troglodyte. Of course, she told our parents that I had called her something far worse since she didn’t know what the word meant and hadn’t thought to peruse the dictionary.


What are some of your favourite words?


Will you join me in the battle to reinvigorate our language before it wastes away into nothing more than acronyms and our syntax is destroyed?






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