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Straphanger Chronicle

Living in the “sunshine state” tends to leave you woefully unprepared for how to deal with rainy day weather. This was evident by the jostling of umbrella wielding commuters attempting to make a canopy to collectively keep out the rain while entering the station. In movies, people seem to be able to arrange umbrellas in groups effortlessly so that no one ends up with the edge of an umbrella to the face or water dripping down their back. I can only assume that this phenomena actually plays out in reality in locations that see more wide-spread rainfall.

Brisbane can receive some angry summer thunderstorms which leave the city in chaos. This was not one of those days. It has been raining on and off for 5 days, sometimes heavy rain, mostly annoying showers that are enough to wet the top soil and not much else. Either way, it was sufficient to make what should have been a relatively comfortable journey home into a musty nightmare.

It is amazing how some humans, when slightly dampened by rain can smell remarkably like wet dogs. I do not know if this is because underneath clothing, these people are covered in just as much fur as a canine or if they have a tiny pooch hidden away in a pocket or handbag. Thinking of those two options, I cannot say which I would find preferrable. I spent the journey surrounded by, what my nostrils can only predict, were 3 such individuals. Unlike canines, who are endearing with their playful charms and can be forgiven for not always smelling fresh, humans do not have these qualities.

Added to the lovely odours which were wafting around the carriage, thickening the air, the rain and covering that has been placed over the windows made it almost impossible to figure out what station we were stopping at. Usually a helpful voice from the heavens announced each stop and the script scrolls across the displays at either end of the carriage. Today, the screens were blank and the “train god” emitted a voice which was barely audible. Due to this, I spent the journey rather jumpy and wondering if I would miss my station or worse, have to perform contortionists tricks and my own special style of ballet in order to get to the doors before they  shut in my face.

All I want to do at the end of a busy day, is have a few moments to myself on the train to unwind. Occasionally, I listen to music or watch some Netflix on my phone.  The rest of the time, I check out the changes in graffiti or the process of the building sites the train track passes. Whenever my little train rituals are interrupted, I find myself in a virtual jail, counting down the moments til the train arrives at my station and I am able to disembark. Here’s hoping for sunshine tomorrow. Either that, or I may have to grab some of those air fresheners given out at car washes and figure out ways to stealthily attach them to people.


  1. nickc324 says:

    Another great post that made me think. Humans do smell when we get wet, and I don’t even like to use umbrellas now because I get too frustrated with worrying about running them into other umbrellas. It looks so much easier in the movies.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. inkwell87 says:

      Thanks for the comment. My walk between office and train is only about 4 minutes but the rain has been torrential so umbrella has been a must. Waiting for the wind to pick up enough to sweep me into the air like Mary Poppins. Although I won’t look so ladylike frantically clutching my Bunnings umbrella for dear life.

      Liked by 1 person

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