Musings on life, the universe and an elephant named Flobo


One of the many things that I have pondered over the years is, how do people think? I have a pretty good understanding of how the brain actually works. An amazing organ composed of about 75% water. It is remarkable that it has control of the rest of our body. However I have always wondered if other people think the same way that I do.

You could take a hundred people and put them in a room and ask each of them to complete the same puzzle. Chances are, that of those that completed the puzzle, most will have arrived at the same answer. Was the path taken to that answer the same?

Does everyone have a voice inside their head? I assume the voice I hear is my voice although it sounds different to what my spoken voice sounds like to my ears. Do the inner voices that some people hear have a different accent to their own, or perhaps a different gender?

When I look at the colour purple, am I seeing the same colour as others that look upon it? Yes, we know which colour is called purple but how do we know that purple looks the same for each of us.  Does chocolate taste the same for you as it does for me? Do we all think about love and death, work and sleep the same?

In a world where we are bundled into groups, is it our brains and thought patterns that set us apart? Some are able to think outside the box and view the world from a different angle. To approach a problem from different sides. For Thomas Edison in his search to create a lightbulb, he famously said, I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. I do not believe that I could have ever conceived of a lightbulb, nor 10,000 ways in which to try to create one. That is not to say that my mind doesn’t work. No, each of us have our own skills and feelings, beliefs and fears to influence our thoughts.

I find myself mesmerised by the thought of how do others think. I love to watch kids when they are learning how to read or complete puzzles and almost being able to see the cogs moving within their heads. Seeing those that are losing their memories, yet not the ability to think. I assume that with the deterioration of the brain, different pathways are created and thus these individuals would be thinking differently to what they were used to. I do not know if they would know the difference or be aware enough to question if there is a difference.

Neuroplasticity is the term used to describe how neural pathways are reorganised in the brain whenever we learn new things or commit new information to memory. Thinking of this, I am quite certain that we must technically be thinking in new ways each and every day. Will future brain me come up with the same answers to questions as past brain me?

Hmm, much to be pondered and thought of…




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