Musings on life, the universe and an elephant named Flobo


Okay, so I freely admit that this is going to be a little bit of a rant post. Over the course of the day it has absolutely astounded me. I see really moronic stuff happening so often. Do people think? Do they realise that they put themselves in danger as well as others?

Let me start. Why is it that people feel the need to park on the street, in busy yet rather narrow streets when they have perfectly useful EMPTY driveways? I see this daily during my drive to and from the train station. Why force people to have to drive head on into traffic, and pray that the person coming the other direction is going to give them time to get around the obstacle of the car parked on the street? I use a number of streets on a daily basic and I see this constantly. It is certainly enough to make the old sphincter pucker (apologies for the crudeness yet it is certainly apt).

Also, the lack of people able to give way when they are at a give way sign and instead they will go speeding off narrowly avoiding traffic coming in the other direction. I wish I could say that the moronic behaviour was restricted to the roads – if I could I would just avoid using the roads and stay well clear of the side walks as well. Unfortunately, idiots are everywhere.

I overheard a woman in MacDonald’s over the weekend (yes I was having a sneaky burger and forgetting my healthy eating for the day) complaining that her fast food wasn’t healthy. Ummm… it is MacDonald’s.

We humans certainly aren’t the smartest of creatures, no matter what we like to tell ourselves. We throw ourselves out of planes for the sake of an adrenalin rush – not that I am knocking this. I intend to do the same thing one of these days. We eat horribly unhealthy, sometimes completely questionable food although we are, for the most part, not restricted to this diet and have a wide range of dietary choices available to us. We leave the house during torrential rain and storms in order to take selfies and capture the carnage for our social media feeds, despite the roof next door to us being torn clean off.

Not all stupid things are dangerous. It seems to be a bit of a sliding scale although I am sure you can agree that standing in the middle of a road hoping a car will stop, isn’t the brightest thing to do. Attempting to catch a knife that has slipped off the counter top is a sure way to end up with a visit to Emergency.

I wish I knew why we did these things. I am certainly not suggesting that I am in any way above being a moron either. I do dumb shit all the bloody time. It seems to be the human condition.

Popular culture has raised some morons almos to the class of heroes. The 3 (or 4 depending which you count) Stooges, Dumb and Dumber, even the Looney Tunes, make these idiots into what are essentially pop icon heroes. Things are fun and innocent as long as you can get a laugh out of it…



It seems that we have no way to escape it. We can hope to be better than the crowd yet at the end of the day, we are all going to have moments of sheer stupidity.

We  will take risks with our lives, and those of others and be surprised that things ended as well as they did – hopefully. We will berate others for the dangerous things that they do. Yet we won’t take into account the things that we are personally guilty of.



It is an absolute jungle out there. I just hope that the “monkeys” don’t all get released at once. Chaos can be interesting yet if it is not controlled in some way, it is destruction.

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