Musings on life, the universe and an elephant named Flobo


I would like to introduce you to Robert Hayes, a talented poet I have recently met. He has granted permission for me to share some of his work with you.


The Chamber (life on Death Row)

I’ve had my day before the court
Remorse now plagues my every thought
Guilty the verdict they just read
My blood they seek, they want me dead.
Condemned to die, my sentence due
This concrete hell without a view
Behind these bars, a quiet respect
For in our minds we’re all in debt
Slowly now I fade away
As if in vain I try to pray
God has turned his back on me
The hell I face, no mystery
Twenty years I’ve had to wait
for my execution date …..
The silence is piercing, yet another goodbye
To the chamber, he goes, he tries not to cry
They strap him down, a prayer is read
Ten minutes later they declare him dead.
His body removed, his possessions replaced
His mother looks down, solemn and disgraced
Quietly she sits, contemplating her loss
The life that he wasted, came at a cost.
Heartbroken and worn, she quickly departs
The shame that she feels, rips her apart
Knowing all this, my own comes to mind
As my day draws near, I struggle to find
Just who will be there when it ends
After 20 years, I have no friends.
The day has come, today it’s me
The chamber and I, we have history
It claimed my father, my mother to
Now it’s time I pay my due.
Slowly I walk, four guards by my side
My final destination comes into sight.
The table and straps, the cold rested steel
Laid out in front, I find my last meal
Slowly I savour every last bite
Knowing full well this is the night
Tomorrow an illusion
One I won’t see
Too all that I’ve wronged
Please forgive me.

© Copyright 2017 Robert Hayes


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