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Straphanger Chronicle

Things on the trains have certainly started to slow down over the last couple of weeks. This may in part be due to more cancelled services for track repairs and maintenance, or also because school holidays have now begun and the commuters have started to thin as people begin to go on holidays.

Aisles have begun to fill with bags of shopping from those grabbing a couple of Christmas bargains during lunch breaks and oversized boxes join the laptop bags and backpacks that litter the aisles like carefully placed landmines, attempting to trip you up as you scurry towards the exit before the train leaves your station.

I have also found that announcements from train drivers seem to pick up over this period. You get the usual “Don’t run for a train… there will always be another one. You do not want to end up trapped in the doors and risk injury.” The more laid back go for jokes about Tinsilitis. The worst, are those who feel the need to comment on the weather. The last couple of days, summer has definitely hit Brisbane. I notice it more and more travelling from the Bayside into the city where the build up of buildings and bitumen trap the heat. Seeing heat waves out the windows is bad enough without the “helpful” drivers having to do a running weather forecast. The worst part is that I find the aircon gets cranked up during this time. I know a Station Master who swears that the trains are kept at a constant temperature all year round however from experience, I know how just moving a metre within a carriage can have a massive impact on how much you end up sweating or shivering. I step into a carriage with beads of sweat forming on my face. I get that lovely bead of sweat that makes a line down my back and then spend 40 minutes in a carriage shivering. Then, as the train pulls in and the doors open. I enter Hell. There is no other way to describe the blast of hot air that hits you. It is times like this that I am eternally thankful for the person who invented deodorant.

School kids seem to love taunting those of us who still have to travel into the office. They lounge across the seats with beachtowels draped casually around necks and sunglasses perched on top of the head talking loudly into phones and taking selfies. It just isn’t fair…

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