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I am sure that many of you have heard me whinge and stress over the last couple of months regarding finding a place to live. Well, cover your ears and avert your eyes no further. This is a happy post.

Around midday today, a couple of hours after viewing the property with my partner, we were notified that our application was successful and we have a new house from the 21st December.

This will make Christmas holidays interesting, although I love the challenge of a good house move. It is the organisational freak within me that just loves the punishment. One of the things I am most looking forward to is having a place with a pool. For most of the Christmas’ my fiance and I have been together, we have spent the holidays at his Mums house enjoying too much food, too much drink and a dip in the pool. There is something about scorching hot Aussie Summer days that just begs for a pool and for the first time in my life, I will have a place that has one. I am looking forward to being able to teach my nieces and nephews how to swim properly (well how to swim at least as well as I can) without relying on the age-old method of throwing a kid in a pool for a sink or swim exercise. That is just not cool.

The current house is largely packed up and now comes the discussions about logistics and how to angle furniture up the stairs, or whether we take some of it over the balcony. Oh the decisions. Luckily, we will have some of the menfolk in the family on call – I can lift the heavy things occasionally but given that I am not the tallest of people, it just makes it awkward trying to see where I am going when carrying a couch. It is like Barbecuing, the men folk control the burning of the steak, or in this case the moving of the furniture and the women prepare (the salads in the case of BBQ’s) and unpack.

The move in date is the day before I finish work for the year so I am sure that over the next week, my week will become a bit hectic and my current house will look like it is bursting from the seams with boxes. Given that my mother-in-law works in an aged care facility, and the boxes that she has gathered from work all have branding for adult incontinence pads, I can’t wait to see what the neighbours think of us when the boxes start getting unloaded.

I cannot wait to make this house a home. I cannot wait to sit on the front patio and look out at the water. I think my new blogging space will be somewhere on that patio.

Happy Dance time ūüôā



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