Musings on life, the universe and an elephant named Flobo


I came across this poem by Robert Hayes and absolutely fell in love with it. The words conjured up memories of days spent inside, snuggled up in a doona with a good book as the rains fell. Let me know what you think.



Awoken by its sweet perfume
The smell of which fills my room
The rains are here once again
The pitter-patter of my old friend
Its gentle notes revealed in song
The storm bird calls, and sings along
Spring is here, the crops rejoice
The flowers sigh, in one voice.
Beauty revealed in many forms
The Summer rain, a Winter storms
Puddles cast, as children play
Mud is thrown then washed away
Children’s laughter fills the air
My mother’s voice, you wouldn’t dare
Muddied boots, and soggy clothes
Footprints lead to the old wood stove
Gathered around its warm embrace
Its gentle flame warms my face
Supper served we have our fill
Put to bed against my will
Hours pass, the stars descend
Until tomorrow my old friend

© Copyright 2017 Robert Hayes

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