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 I spotted this tag over at Witch’s Bookshelf

Since I haven’t taken part in a tag session yet, I figured what the hell. You only live once (unless you believe in reincarnation I suppose…)


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Have you ever damaged a book

Since I am an honest person, I must say that I am sure I must have at some stage in my life and if I could go back in time, I would bitch slap myself. I have an insane respect for books, not just as a writer but also because I respect the engineering that goes into the binding. Plus, I wanted to study paper conservation and repair old manuscripts so the thought of intentionally damaging a book horrifies me. I yelled at a nephew a few years ago for jumping on a story book and doing the twist until the spine snapped. The kid didn’t speak to me for a week out of fear, although I doubt he has damaged a book again.

Have you ever damaged a borrowed book

Not that I am aware of.

How long does it take you to read a book

This all depends on the size of the book, my interest level and the amount of time I have to read. I used to average a couple of average size (60,000 words) novels a night during my insomnia stages. I have devoured some books in single afternoons and have declined invitations to events and social gatherings because I have been too absorbed in my stories.

What are you currently reading

I am currently reading Ken Follet’s “The Pillars of the Earth” and loving it, I just find that my wrist is getting sore from holding it as it is quite a chunky book. I was also reading “The Mountain between Us” by Charles Martin. That book is stunning, and you will certainly need a box of tissues handy during some sections. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.


What books haven’t you finished

Hyped/popular books that you didn’t like

As mentioned above, Moby Dick and Fifty Shades. Books by Matthew Reilly. My mum loves him as a writer, and did go all weak kneed when I took her to an event and book signing. I tried to read a couple of his books, however I just couldn’t handle them. Okay, should probably have added those to the unfinished books list…

I will admit that I have never read the Twilight series, any Dan Brown books (although I have seen the movies) or tend to read anything that is the book or series at the time. I was reading Harry Potter before it was widely known and although I didn’t mind the first two books (Prisoner of Azkaban is by far the best), I felt the last in the series were just tacked on and it annoyed me when the Horcruxes were introduced.

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Is there a book you wouldn’t tell anyone you were reading

Not that I can think of. I don’t really care what people think of my taste in books. I do laugh at people’s preconceptions based on book titles. One of my all time favourites is “Of Human Bondage” by W. Somerset Maugham. Wow you get some strange looks on the train when people read that title. I did get asked a couple of times what kind of kinky things were in the book. You should have seen the persons look when I started describing Philips club foot…

How many books do you own

I wouldn’t know the answer to this. I have regrettably downsized my collection dramatically over the last couple of years and only have one bookshelf (instead of a room lined with shelves like I used to). However I also have a kindle, so I wouldn’t know the exact number. My days of cataloguing my collection has passed. Yes, I had a catalogue complete with referencing (including state the book was in, very handy in lending books to people – not that I did that often). When clearing out my storage locker years ago, my boyfriend didn’t believe me that most of my possessions were books. As box after box of books got loaded into the truck, he soon came to understand my obsession.


Are you a fast or slow reading

I am generally a pretty fast reader. Lightning fast according to my fiance however I would say this all depends on what I am reading. Fiction can be read far quicker than Non fiction, however grammar and the layout of the text certainly has just as large an impact on the speed of reading as actual content.

Do you like to buddy read

I don’t actually like to read aloud. I hate the sound of my own voice. However, I do love sharing stories with my nieces and nephews so at times I do buddy read with them.

Do you read better in your head or out loud

I tend to read in my head, although if I am editing something, I do tend to read aloud as well. I like to be able to hear the meter as I work.

If you were only allowed to own one book, what would it be and why

Hmmm now this is an incredibly hard question. If a gun was held to my head I would have to pick Utopia by Thomas Moore. I fell in love with this sociopolitical satire many years ago and it is one of those books that has always stuck with me. Although, what kind of monster would only allow me to own one book. That is some cruel and unusual punishment – plus, I would just create my own.

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Now, that is me all done for this tag.  Feel free to play along if the mood strikes you. 



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