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Moving day has arrived and I am currently trapped in the office, unable to assist in the first loads being transported to the new house. Like with all things, Christmas, Birthdays, anything big – it is incredibly painful to wait and time seems to slow down.

I am being driven slowly mad trying to concentrate on work (whilst already being mentally and physically exhausted from the last couple of weeks of work, packing, Christmas). However, I know I am not alone in my exhaustion. I can see all the zombies lurching around the shops while I am taking my lunch break in the city.

I finish work at five and then get to spend 40 minutes on a packed train before I can walk home and continue the packing of cars and trailers of the smaller stuff to take to the new place. The plan is to empty the old house of all the small furniture, boxes and those random bits and pieces that don’t make sense to throw in a box but take up a surprising amount of room so that on Saturday we can hire a truck and move all the big furniture. I am hoping that in practice, this will be as simple as it seems in principle. Between up, my fiance, his mother and I have moved a hell of a lot of times so are basically experts in this. Fingers crossed nothing goes wrong. The first moving injury has gone to my sister-in-law who has lost a toenail (ouch). I am surprised that the first injury of the day wasn’t mine since as we know, I am slightly uncoordinated.

Anyway…  I shall let you know my progress.



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