Musings on life, the universe and an elephant named Flobo


The Architects

In your ruins, you left your marks
The chiselled stone, and celestial charts
These cryptic ciphers, etched in stone
These ancient text, of glyphs unknown
Depicted are your spells and laws
Instructions to the Portals door
Celestial travel, for now eludes
Within these texts, you left the clues
To transcend the heavens, and depart this world
To view the universe, as if a pearl
In ancient text, we seek to find
The secrets withheld, to free our minds
Within your temples, we’ve bowed in service
And looked to you, for our purpose
As architects, of all we know
The longer you leave us, the less we grow
The primitive creatures, you left behind
Evolved we have, beyond the mine
No more we dig your earth and stone
To build your pyramids, of blood and bone
Throughout the centuries, our world has changed
But the one thing still remains
Patently we wait for your return
To teach your children
What you’ve learned…

© Copyright 2017 Robert Hayes

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