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It has been quite some time since I have written a post. Yes, I know that a lot of people have been busy due to Christmas however for me, Christmas this year was a bit of a blip. A short break on a sweltering hot day, a recess between moving house – just long enough for the ache in the muscles to set in, not long enough for any proper relaxation.

I don’t mean to complain. Overall, the move has been rather non eventful. Apart from hoisting some furniture over the balcony, everything has gone quite smoothly (the hoisting did as well in fact).

At the moment, I am sitting on the deck, looking out at the bay and enjoying the cool breeze. It has been stinking hot in Brisbane over the last couple of weeks, and I relish any time when I get to relax in the gentle caress of the breeze. The smell of salt clings to the air and I am transported, in my mind, to summer holidays spent at North Stradbroke Island where I would lose myself traipsing along the sand at the water’s edge. This house has allowed me to be the most relaxed I have been in years. Being near the water has a calming effect that I only find in special places.

Now that the move is largely finished, I can sit back and count all the wounds. I have some rather impressive bruises to my arms and legs and my arms in particular have gotten slightly crispy at times (good thing I have skin that tans so easily).

It is at moments like this, that I like to cath up on what has happened over the previous couple of days. Due to the exhaustion I have felt, most days were a bit of a hot, sticky blur and it is at times that these, when I have no one around me, that I can think back on what actually transpired. Christmas Day itself was rather eh, probably no better way to describe it. The magic of Christmas is all for the young. With every year it gets further diluted. Breakfast was at my Mums. The nieces and nephews crowded around, and my sister managed to be nearly 2 hours late for Breakfast. Not that I was surprised by that. Once Breakfast was eaten and the mountain of presents distributed (no kids were lost amongst the wrapping paper – somehow), it was time to load into the cars and head to my Great Uncles’ house for the Christmas lunch. The menu has been the same every year and the weather can either be rainy or sweltering – this year, it was sweltering. The usual Christmas attire in Queensland is to wear the least amount of clothing possible. I thought I was safe with shorts, a top and my hair in pigtail (courtesy of my little sister). I still think I dropped a couple of kilos in sweat – although I have no doubt put all of that weight back on just from sucking down Frappes and Slushies to try to keep the heat at bay. Christmas afternoon and evening was a more relaxed time, no kids around. We were able to sit around the table with my mother-in-law and her parents and enjoy a rather casual dinner and a couple of drinks to wash the days stresses away.

In true Queensland fashion, the hot weather made for a gusty summer thunderstorm and we got to enjoy a light show from the balcony while the heavens opened. All in all, not a bad way to end a day.

So, here is a belated Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope you all had a wonderful day shared with people you love.

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