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“All that we see or seem. Is but a dream within a dream.” Edgar Allan Poe certainly seemed to know what he was on about with this line.

I have been contemplating the ideas of dreams over the last couple of days. Trying to figure out why some people crave dreams, long to fall asleep at night and surrender to the unknown. Even nightmares can be less scary than the reality that awaits us when we wake. There is a comfort to the unknown in the dreamscape. Anything can happen and yet, at the same time, what does inevitably happen seldom feels out-of-place. It feels as if you were waiting for it all along.

I have heard that humans actually dream in black and white and it is our waking brains that supply the vivid colours in those few brief moments between when the dreams recede and our eyes open. Our brains love to play tricks on us and the dreamscape is no exception. Our deepest fears, desires and wishes are laid out before us. Our temptations seem right within our grasp. We can be anyone that we want. It can be difficult to pull away. When we wake, into our own personal realities, we may be met by happiness or disappointment or fear. Most of us spend a large portion of our time trying to find ourselves and define ourselves. We long for freedom and yet seem to do everything possible to cage ourselves in. We are our own worst enemies, our own slave traders and dungeon masters.

Those that know us, know many of our secrets, however it is only the moon and the stars and the dreamscape that sees all that we are. It is the pillow that hears the echo of these secrets as we lay our heads down at night. The same pillow that soaks up our tears, or muffles a laugh. It is our nighttime companion.

The judgement slips away from our own minds and we seldom heed that of anyone elses when caught in the other world. Our lives become easier and we find ourselves able to love deeper, stand straighter and smile bigger. Why is it that we are not able to do this in reality? Not to go all conspiracy theorist on you, but how do we know that what we currently experience is in fact, reality. Not even taking into account multiple dimensions or anything like that, how about we just look at how everyone’s perceptions can change. Do you see things the same way that I do? I highly doubt it. We are all individuals after all. On a cellular level, my body will allow me to do things that yours does not, and vice versa. Maybe I think too much… maybe, I should just have another nap.

One thought on “…Is But a Dream inside a Dream…

  1. Diana says:

    What a chance find and a great read. It’s interesting that in my current dream I actually am reading your blog. Does that mean I made up your writing? Wow, pat myself on the back … it’s damn good 🙂


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