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It has been a rather full on couple of weeks. Firstly, moving house which is thankfully pretty much complete. Should receive the new bedroom suite tomorrow and then after the joys of flat pack assembly are out-of-the-way, I can kick back and relax.

The house really does feel like a holiday home. It really does feel like a home. We really must be feeling comfortable here since, after being engaged for 2 years we have gotten around to selecting a date. So, since weddings are usually fraught with drama and the planning of them can be rather interesting and amusing – I have decided to log my wedding planning efforts for your amusement.

The date has been set. End of August and oh how the time already seems to be flying. I have been back at work for 3 days and already it feels like I never went on break. My next decent break won’t be until the wedding and honeymoon so luckily we have a scattering of Public Holidays in the early months of the year in Queensland.

So far, we have selected the date and confirmed the venue for the wedding and reception. All will be held on the top deck of a paddle wheeler on the Brisbane River. The budget has been set and I have been looking around, ticking things off the list as I figure out vendors and start to work out the costing for everything from invitations to makeup. The plan is to have a rather simple wedding. At the end of the day, the marriage is the important bit. I just want my family and friends to come together for an afternoon and evening, share our moment with us and then let the hair down and have fun. Finding a DJ is so far proving to be the trickiest.

I have not yet decided whether I should have real or fake flowers in my simple bouquet. I can see the plus side to both and having a single made of honour instead of an entire ensemble of bridesmaids does make the floral element of the day a bit cheaper. I know quite a few who have been quoted over $1,000 for bouquets and then manage to assemble lovely fake floral arrangements themselves for around $100. All just depends on where you want to spend the cash. I am happy that my favourite flowers will be in season so more than likely I will have tulips.

Keeping with the spirit I hope continues through to my wedding (I certainly won’t be a Bridezilla. I am already giving people random looks when I am asked what they should wear or how they should do hair). I plan to include a wedding / marriage / love pun throughout each post.


cake tiers joke.jpg


So far, the closest I am getting to being called a bridezilla is being firm with how I want my fiance’s and my day and who we wish to invite. My older sister decided to get pissed off and try to take me on a guilt trip when I told her I did not want all 6 of her kids to attend. I love my nieces and nephews but seriously, when you are only having around 30 to 40 people in total, you can’t go inviting every single child. Plus, it is on the top deck of a boat and they are kids who will get bored and want to run around. I do not want any kids going overboard and I do not want money and food going to waste because we were forced to invite every kid in the family instead of filling seats with the adults we wanted to attend. I warned her ages ago that if she started any drama she would not be welcome. Dear old, older sis decided to hang up the phone on me so found herself cut completely from the guest list. It may sound harsh however we don’t get along anyway and I and our younger siblings can do without the constant drama that she feels the need to have in her life.

One way or another my family is going to realise that I am not the pushover that I always was. May as well be for a special day when I really dig the heels in.

That’s it for now. This bride to be needs some beauty sleep.

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