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Moving day now seems like a million years ago. We have settled into the house nicely, there was only one problem and its name is Flat Pack Furniture. Supposedly, I have a  Mr Gillis Lundgren, a Swedish draughtsman to thank for this since he apparently invented the stuff in 1956. Thanks a lot dude. Yes, it may be simple for some people and I suppose depending on the furniture, it will take up less room if flat packed however this stuff is pure evil.

You purchase a couple of items and expect a couple of boxes to arrive. Easy, right? Wrong. The house seems to be filled with boxes and then you have the joys of trying to dispose of all the rubbish generated from it. I would be able to handle it if it were all bubble wrap however Styrofoam is just messy and the bloody squeaking noise it makes it enough to drive even the sanest among us to shove something sharp through their ear drum. It is also completely horrible for the environment.

The simplest looking pieces of furniture somehow manage to have what seems like 100 pieces to assemble and the instructions, if possible to follow at all, will leave you wondering who the bastard was who thought the middle of the TV unit should be assembled first so that it wobbles back and forth in a precarious position (risking breaking completely and causing the amount of people required for assembly to be at least doubled if not tripled).

I am glad to report that all within the household have now taken a vow to avoid flat pack furniture. Our battle scars are still fresh and luckily our relationships remain intact.

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