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Well Weddings sure can bring out some interesting sides in people. People who I barely know have become good friends and have shared so many useful tips and tricks without trying to step on my toes and those that I thought would be by my side to assist me or at least share in my happiness have for the most part, turned out to be massive disappointments.

Luckily I have a wonderful fiance who is helping with the planning and seems to be sharing in the excitement – this is one bride-to-be who never thought a wedding would be cause for excitement. I am determined to enjoy our special day and not let anyone spoil our happiness. At the end of the day it isn’t going to matter if some people aren’t present, those who want to be witness to our marriage will be. It won’t matter if some people have less than ideal hairstyles and have made zero effort to look nice on the day, assuming that everything will just fall into place.

Some people will always find issues with the happiness of others. Schadenfreude is all too common. Through it all I know that a select few have my back and will always do what they can for me. If wedding’s are good for one thing, it is figuring out the friends from the fakes.

Oh well, this is one woman who isn’t going to go all Bridezilla. Shake it off and when it all comes down to it, dance it off…



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