Musings on life, the universe and an elephant named Flobo

Another brilliant poem by my friend Robert Hayes. Please let me know what you think.




A man’s reflection tells no lies
Scars and wrinkles worn with pride
His youth betrayed, a life now lived
Left with nothing more to give.
His wife’s long passed, his children grown
All has past him, he longs for home.
Days now spent down by the pond
The ducks he once fed, have all but gone
A simple book, his one possession
Yet, it leaves him with one question
How am I to fill my days?
As all I love fades away
Too old to work, too young to die
To search for purpose, and ponder why?
Each day a gift, yet bares a cost
With out his loves, it leaves him lost
His dues now paid, his lies now lived
Left with just one thing to give
His life surrendered, his affairs in order
He takes three steps, into the water
One quick breath sees him gone
The church bell rings, yet no one mourns
At peace at last, his angel found
His mortal body placed in the ground.


© Copyright 2018 Robert Hayes

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