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In a world of sensory overload brought about by the glare of smart phones, fitness bands and a fully “plugged in” society, it seems to have become increasingly common for us as a society to throw the blinkers on when faced with something that we don’t wish to view.

I have covered the topic of “Ignorance is Bliss” in another post however a number of news stories have grabbed my attention of late, as well as the lack of coverage they seem to have gathered. Sadly today it was reported that a man was killed in a local lane way when he was run over in his sleep by a reversing garbage truck. I tend to read to news stories of the day during my morning commute so I noticed this story. I mentioned it at work to see what others thought of this horrible event and not one person had heard of this unfortunate death. They could however tell me in minute detail about what the current brand of reality TV “celebrities” were up to.

When did it become more important to hear about what some imbecile is doing on a reality TV show (not that I think any of those shows understand the term reality) than things that are happening on our streets? When did it become more worthwhile to share countless pictures of the food we are about to eat (one of my pet peeves) than it was to check in with another human being and see how they are going?

In my attempt to escape the office and my computer screen for a bit of time each day, I like to take walks around the city during my lunch break. Sometimes I walk into the heart of the city, sometimes I go and sit by the river. I am always struck by the large array of people who I see and come into contact with. I have found for the most part that the people I meet on my little travels around the city are generally friendly. I do not know if this is because of the type of people they are, or because I, unlike some, am not looking down my nose at them. It is possible for any of us to end up on the streets and ignoring the “issues” do not make them go away.

It is a shame when we can care more about characters on television shows and celebrities than we can for each other. At the end of the day none of us is getting out of here alive so why not try to make the most of it. Smile and ask how someone is going?  If you have a dollar to spare, than give it to someone less fortunate. Even if you can’t help in any monetary way, at least stop ignoring people.


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Ignoring problems does not make them go away. It just shows that our hearts have been corrupted.

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